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You don’t necessarily need an expensive program to edit a video efficiently. A program like AVS Video Editor can get the job done without a problem, and it’s pretty dang affordable. The fact that people pay hundreds of dollars for video editing programs is a bit absurd, when you can get this bad boy for only fraction of the price. Wondering what’s so good about the AVS Video Editor?

Well, to start off, the interface is simply gorgeous. It does remind me a little of itunes, but it still looks great. Every option you will ever need is easily accessible and I’ve never had to go digging in a menu looking for something. I really can’t find much to complain about when it comes to the programs layout. It would be nice if you could minimize the timeline at the bottom, but that’s the only thing that I can think of. I should also mention that the program is multilingual, so you can get the interface in different languages.

When it comes to editing video, this program is a beast. The program comes with an endless amount of transitions and effects. Now, these aren’t effects that you see in a blockbuster move, but they are good enough to where you can piece together a nice little video. Besides that, starting a project, importing a video and editing out parts is extremely easy.

One thing I noticed while editing is that HD editing is a bit faster. It’s not a whole lot faster compared to other software I have used, but it does shave a little bit of time off the whole editing process. I also liked the fact that you can upload videos directly from AVS Video Editor to popular video sites like Youtube – it helps shave some more time off the whole video creation process. If you don’t need to upload directly to video sites, then you can also save your videos in almost every format imaginable. You could even burn your video to a blueray or DVD.

What’s cool about making DVDs and Bluerays with this program is that it has a disc menu maker where you can choose a background, insert content, and create chapters. I haven’t seen many video editors at this price that offer this feature, and you have to admit that having a Disc menu on a custom DVD/Blueray is pretty cool.

Overall, the AVS Video Editor is pretty good and can definitely hold up against some of the more expensive competitors. I’m sure there are other programs out there that can destroy this editor, but this is a pretty good editor to get started with. If you’re a beginner or even an experienced video editor, then I suggest you take a look at this program. You get an amazing bundle of features, effects, and transitions for the price they are charging. Plus, you even get some video tutorials to help you out at the beginning. Seriously though, I honestly can’t think of anything or find anything bad about this program, except what I mentioned above about the “timeline”.

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