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AVS Audio Editor is an easy to use program that helps cut, trim, and split audio files. The program can also be used to record audio input. Besides being able to trim audio files and record, you can use the program to apply effects and filters. I’ve been enjoying this awesome program for quite some time now, so I thought I would give it a quick review.

AVS Audio Editor is a pretty small download and installs quickly. After you install and start the program, you are greeted with a nice splash screen. Once you get past the splash screen, you should be looking at very sleek looking program window. At the top of the program you might notice that there are eleven tabs. Here is a brief explanation of what you can find in each of those tabs:

• Home – Create new files, open files, save, import audio from a video file, and grab audio from a CD.
• File – Save, open, import, etc.
• Edit – Select viewing range, cut, copy, add markers, add file to mix, and more.
• Record
• Effects – Fades, normalize, envelope, limiter, echo, chorus, voice morpher, tempo and more.
• Generate – Chirp, Noise, Silence, and Signal.
• Tools – Options, Time scale, status bar, waveform view, spectral view, and envelope view.
• Mix – Combine/Mix Songs.
• Favorites
• Help

I’m a pretty much a beginner when it comes to editing audio, but I can honestly say that this program is simple enough that I can find my way around and edit audio without any problems. The developers did a great job a laying out the program, and most people will already know where to go for most functions. The developers not only did a great job on laying out the software, but it looks good too; the futuristic gray look really fits the program.

Now, a program isn’t all its looks so let’s talk about how well it works. My computer is far from the greatest, but with AVS Audio Editor I can actually edit my audio files pretty fast. Opening a big audio file only takes a few seconds, and I’m able to start editing right away. Really, I can’t stress enough how easy this program makes audio editing. I’m able to cut audio, delete segments, remove noise, and level out the sound in almost half the time it took me to edit in other programs like audacity. Also, you can save your work in almost any format, which is pretty nice.

While I enjoy the fact that I can get my editing done a lot faster, that’s not my favorite thing about the AVS Audio Editor. My favorite thing about it is that it barely costs me anything to get this amazing software. I seriously can’t believe they are charging so little for such a useful program. If you’re looking to replace your current audio editing software, then this is the one to go with. I really can’t explain to you how much time this program has saved me due to its simplicity.

avs4you audio editor

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